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Risktaker Entertainment thank you for taking time out t o see what we got going on. This website is user friendly. If you are just visiting you can register and become a member. Once you register as a member you will have access to your own page. If you have talent promote it right on your page. You can invite your friends we will be doing great things like talent searches and promotional benefits. Charity drives to teach the youth proper living in todays society such as mannerism and etiquette. We must represent Risktaker Entertainment E.P.I.C. Every Person Is Conscious. Risktaker fo lyfe.

12 Jewels of life thanks you.

    Riskaker Entertainment 

             Is a movement 

            not a crew

Take Risk's
Joey Truax & Bigg Illinois (Risktaker entertainme)

We are Risktaker. We go where no man has ever gone before. We search for the truth and we reveal the truth. Welcome to Reality. As you listen information gets deeper and deeper. Soon a light bulb will spark in your brain, you will then begin to strive more and more for information and you will receive it here. We are here for you, the TRUTH.

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April 24, 2014 club Latina Bluffton Sc. Prince Black Son Performing Reggae Night.

September 26th - 29th, 2013. Sheriton Hotel Down Town, Atlanta, Georgia Will be at the Driven Music Conference. Looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you. Risktaker Entertainment Inc...

Donations are excepted for the cause.  We are ready to move forward to neighborhoods near you to Enlighten even your community. make sure your registered into your personal page. "Risktaker"

Peace! is what we come in since we figured the pieces to the puzzle through music let us teach you, through music let us open your eyes, to the point where you can see too.Life is too short to stay def dumb and blind. You've been tricked long enough. We are here to steer you strait. We all once were lost but now were found, true Asiatic Supreme Beings, gods on the earth. the time is now to be held accountable for your ways and actions because know you know. "Risktaker"